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UNIQUE Designs.
Customizable & Timeless Jewelry.

Jenny Salinas is a Colombian Business Administrator, Jewelry Designer & Methalsmith, who lives in the United States.

She is happily married and is a mother of four beautiful children. From a very early age Jenny was fascinated and intrigued by the arts. Her sensitivity towards different art expressions has been her core inspiration in her creations.  She has been working in the design & making jewelry industry since 2002, and ever since she has been recognized as a well- known  Jewelry Designer all around the world.

Originality, elegance and mindfulness are the qualities that define her style and are present in all her very unique creations. All of her wonderful creations portray a very special and one of a kind Chic Style!!

Her pieces involve a diversity of materials such as White & Yellow Gold, Sterling Silver, and 14K Gold-filled; Diamonds, Cz's, Swarovski Crystals®, Natural Pearls, Precious, and Semi-precious stones among others. Her technique includes Marriage of Metals, Lost Wax,  Chasing & Repoussé, Filigree, Stamping, and die-cutting. 

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